P2P lending or also known as peer to peer lending is an option for the people borrowing from other individuals. In this scenario, there are no middlemen or any financial organization. This method is available through various websites online. 

If you are looking for an urgent loan, then evaluating a p2p lender is among the best idea. If you have a good credit statement, then the rates for borrowing the loan will be low. They can be as low as they can literally surprise you. Also, the process of lending at p2p websites is very safe. 

If you don’t even have perfect credit, then it may not be a problem to get an approval for the affordable loan. 

Key takeaways

  • The p2p sites help to connect investors to borrowers. The rates and terms will be set by the website that will enable the transaction. 
  • The p2p lenders are the investors who are looking for a better return on their savings than a bank savings account or any cash deposit.
  • The p2p borrowers are always looking for a better rate of interest as compared to what the banks will offer. 

Understanding the Peer to peer (P2p) lending

The peer to peer lending websites directs borrowers to investors. The website is in charge of setting the rates and terms and to approve whether to approve the transaction or not. There are websites that give away a variety of interest rates for p2p lending. This is all based on whether or not the applicant is worthy. 

The beginning of all this is when the investor opens an account with the website and deposits the amount. That amount will be dispersed as loans. On the other hand, the applicant will complete their financial profile. 

The financial profile determines the amount of interest the applicant will pay. The loan applicant has the authority to review the offers and accept anyone that deems perfect. Once the transaction receives approval, the monthly payments are handled via the p2p platform. 

The process can be automated entirely or the borrowers and lenders can choose to negotiate on their own. This option may or may not be allowed at some websites. Some websites are completely automated. 

this video (13:17) discuss about the pros and cons of p2p lending platforms.

?What are the benefits of P2P lending

The p2p loans can prove to be better as compared to the banks, financial institutions or any credit unions due to the following reasons:

:Low rate interest

You can borrow most of the time from p2p lenders at a very low rate of interest. The low rate of interest is because the banks and other institutions have to cover the overhead costs for numerous reasons. Whereas, p2p does not follow those protocols and it is better than using a credit card for a loan from a bank.

:Easy and Quick

When you are out to get your loans approved, you have to go through a rigorous process. You might have to wait for weeks, sometimes a month until you get approval. With the p2p Lending, you do not have to suffer from that pain as the process of application is quite straightforward. 

Also, you are going to find out quickly whether your loan will be approved or not. This saves a lot of time. 

?Is it safe to borrow from P2p Lenders

The p2p lenders are very consumer-friendly. They are as face as borrowing from the banks. 

  • Data:

The p2p lenders are going to keep all your information safe and secure as any other financial institution. Each and every transaction and communication is going to occur through an encrypted browser session. 

All your information related to your bank accounts and passwords will be kept safe. 

  • Privacy:

Banks know who are they lending money but in the case of P2p lenders, the identity of the borrowers is kept a secret from the lenders. You can review the privacy policies in order to understand, what information the investors are going to receive. 

Some institutions might share the information as it depends from websites to websites. 

  • Rates:

The rate of interest is very competitive, that you cannot find anywhere with a bank or any financial institution. You are going to pay less than what you pay at banks and other financial institutions. 

p2p Lending is one of the safest ways of lending money as well as borrowing it. 

?Is p2p a Good investment Scheme

The more the risk, the higher will be the returns. If you are tired of the fixed price investments, then you may find your satisfaction and salvation in the p2p market. These investments may come with calculated risks, but it also comes with the potential of huge earning as well. 

Investment with a p2p platform can be beneficial for you if you are completely aware of the risks you are taking. 

Also, you need to be careful if you are planning invention all your fixed-rate investments in p2p. if you are doing so, there may be a higher risk that may not be worth it. 


This video (12:34) discusses the risks that may be in peer-to-peer lending.


Although, there are risks involved that come with every huge profit investment. Any consumer who is looking to invest or borrow from the p2p lending platform should check the fees on the transaction.

Every website has its own protocols. So read the offer very carefully whether you are thinking about investing through lending or are looking to borrow from the website.


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